Backyard Fall Foliage Photography

Being in a place as beautiful as Maine has its perks. You walk into the backyard and you have the marvelous fall foliage colors waiting right there for you. And you dont need fancy photography gear to get some great fall foliage pictures either!

To create some great fall foliage photography in your background, use a long lens. The most suitable are those in the 200mm to 300mm range with a shallow depth of field. A VR (or IS for those using Canon) helps since you can walk around your neighborhood hand holding your lens.

Most of the modern smart phones come with very powerful camera and software too. And most have the ability to zoom as well, that is almost as powerful as many DSLR cameras.

The best tip for some great backyard fall foliage photography is to compose very tight. I personally like to keep the branches in the composition. Getting to shoot early in the morning or just after rain will get you very saturated colors, though you might have to use a circular polarizer to keep the reflections out.

All these images of fall foliage is done in my backyard mostly during the early morning hours when the sunlight wasnt that harsh. If you must have to photograph during noon time, you have to tone down your highlights during post processing.


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