Blue Hour Coastal Maine Photography

coastal Maine PhotographyOne of the best ways to get creative with your photography is to do them in blue hours. This is the time when the sun is much below the horizon and the indirect sunlight is predominantly blue in hue.

blue hour coastal Maine photographyThe image at the top is done almost half an hour after sunset, while the one on the right was done just about 10 minutes after the sun went down.

In either situation you can see the bluish hue of the sky. The one thing to bear in mind is that all cameras cannot automatically set the color temperature accurately.

I prefer to set it manually to around 2200K (or max 2500K) to mimic the true color of the blue hour. I do any further refinements in Adobe Lightroom during post-processing.

To learn more about such photography, get our ebook Creative Photography in Rocky Coastal Scenes.

Since I make large prints from my images, I always use a tripod to keep the camera steady and maintain a very low ISO setting, often going below the standard 100 ASA! The camera picks up a lot of digital noise during long exposures, which is common during most of my blue hour photography, so keeping a very low ISO and using a tripod helps a lot.


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