Creating Photography Drama from Everyday Scenes

Maine Best Photography LocationsOne of the biggest secrets to great creative photography that every professional local photographer follows is to revisit your location over and over again. Each time you could see the same scene a little differently and over time you can create numerous images of the same scene but each reflecting a different mood.

maine photo locationsThere are numerous great photogenic locations in Maine where just being there at a different time of the day, or better still, in a different season, the mood could be dramatically different with similar composition.

This is a beautiful boat ramp in South Maine, photographed during the blue hours. You can still see some snow on the ramp. In winter the atmosphere is very clean and you can see almost all the colors in the setting sun.

maine photo locationsThis is another image of the same pier but photographed early morning in summer when we get a lot of fog. The fog and the mist creates a very dreamy atmosphere and with just a little amount of light you can create some stunning image.

The biggest challenge with photographing in such an environment is the loss of saturation. Without much sunlight polarizers do not help much either.

I prefer to set the color temperature in my camera to about 6500K and may later alter it slightly during post-processing in Adobe Lightroom. However, I personally like a little cooler look in such images.

Our Photo eBooks could also help you enhance your style and creativity of your photography. Experiment with a variety of scenes, time of day and seasons. You will be surprised how creative you could get with your photography even with the same subject and composition but just by changing the time & season of your shoot!


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