Creating Photos from Simple Subjects

Living in a beautiful place like Maine has its own photographic perks. Very often simple rocky beach subjects could make pretty impressive compositions. Maine’s rocky coast, with a variety of textured rocks and formations provide numerous photo opportunities from what might appear to be very simple situations.

Rocky Maine Coast PhotographyThese two images were photographed in Higgins Beach close to South Portland, Maine, just before the sun went below the horizon, within about 15 minutes of each other. I used a ultra-wide angle lens, the Nikon 14-24mm at 14 mm f/11 on a tripod to capture both these images.

The low tide in the afternoon exposed the rocks and the receding water left puddles of water. The low angle of the sun rays during sunset helped accentuate the textures in the sand.

Rocky Maine Coast PhotographyThe lens is well known amongst professional photographers as one of the best ultra wide lenses available today that produces extremely sharp, distortion-less and flare-less images while preserving all the colors and details.

While the setting sun adds a lot of drama, it also creates a huge exposure difference between the sky and the foreground. Normally one would use a ND filter but with the Nikon 12-24mm lens you can shoot without any filters.

The images were presented as they were shot with minor tweaks in Adobe Lightroom. The exposure balance, which was probably about 6 – 7 stops, was achieved in Adobe Lightroom.

More such photogenic locations are available in our ebook Photo Locations in South Maine.


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