Creative Techniques to Photograph Rocky Coasts

Professional Creative Photography Ebook for Rocky Coastal Photography

Creative Photography Techniques to make Stunning Rocky Coastal Images

Photographing the rocky coasts of Maine for years and taking part in state wide exhibitions, the question I get most often from photographers is “How did you create such an amazing image ?”

Especially after they know that all my images are right off the camera since I do not do any sort of image manipulation in Adobe Photoshop or any such software! I have learned to make the best image in my wifi cameras by using my techniques that I have perfected over the years.

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In this ebook Creative Techniques to Photograph Rocky Coasts I have explained 25 very unique ways to create amazing rocky coast images that I regularly use in my own photography.

About “Creative Techniques to Photograph Rocky Coasts

Written for photographers of all experience level, this ebook “Creative Techniques to Photograph Rocky Coasts” describes 25 professional techniques to create stunning images of coasts, especially rocky coastal locations. Although the images are from the rocky coastal Maine, the techniques described in the ebook can be applied anywhere.

Contents “Creative Techniques to Photograph Rocky Coasts

I have been photographing for over 15 years now and we know how important it is to be at the right place at the right time, with the right gear. At the same time it is crucial that you know all the professional ways to create the most captivating picture.

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Creative Techniques to Photograph Rocky Coasts” ebook will help you in many ways

In this ebook, I have described in great details 25 professional ways to make great images right in your camera:

  • how to photograph in various lighting conditions of sunrise or sunset
  • how to position your camera
  • how to use filters and the most vital filters you should always have
  • how and where to use circular polarizing filter
  • how to make the best use of camera elevation and camera angle
  • how to make the best use of foreground in a landscape image
  • how to get the details in your image
  • how to frame your images creatively
  • how to create senses of motion or blur motion for artistic effects
  • how to create abstract coastal images
  • how to creatively photograph lighthouses

and many more!

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Sample images you can create using these professional techniques

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