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Photography Locations in Maine (Cumberland & York Counties)

Our e-book for photographers, & tourists to Maine. Now you can drive to some of the most photogenic places in Southern Maine & get the shot you have always wanted.

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There is no need to carry maps or complicated directions in your notebook when you get the ebook Photography Locations in Maine (Cumberland & York Counties). Simply type the directions in your GPS and arrive right on the spot, worry free!

About “Photography Locations in Maine (Cumberland & York Counties)

Written for photographers of all experience level, this ebook “Photography Locations in Maine (Cumberland & York Counties)” is the first volume of a series of ebooks designed to help photographers be in the most photogenic photo locations in Southern Maine.

Contents “Photography Locations in Maine (Cumberland & York Counties)

We have been photographing for over 15 years now and we know how important it is to be at the right place at the right time, with the right gear. Going to a place for the first time could be daunting and we have lost many great opportunities, especially when we are traveling to a new place.

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Our ebook “Photography Locations in Maine (Cumberland & York Counties)” helps you in many ways:

  • it provides very precise information only the most important details on over 50 photogenic locations in south coastal Maine
  • the Volume 1 uncovers Southern Maine counties of Cumberland & York where you get some of the more easily accessible photo locations
  • it has at least one photo from each of the photogenic locations I have photographed in that location
  • it has the exact GPS direction that you can punch into your navigational device
  • it has information on vehicle parking since many places often do not have parking available and you need to be prepared to spend some time looking for space
  • it has tips on gears you should carry to make the best of the location
  • it has my tips on what you can photograph in that location
  • it is organized to help you drive to other nearby photography locations easily without having to look up the maps

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We apologize in advance if you ran into any issues with your download. Please email us at and / or call at 1-207-420-7156 to contact us. We will make sure that your download problem is resolved quickly.

Sample Locations from the ebook

The ebook has 70 extremely photogenic locations from Southern Maine, mostly along the rocky coast. This is a small sample of images photographed on location.

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