Fall Foliage in South Maine

The beauty of Maine is, no matter where you live, fall foliage is always in your backyard. For me, it is right outside my door step in South Maine. We have listed over 70 great places in South Maine in our South Maine Photo Locations ebook & guide that are great for fall foliage photography in & around Portland area.

There are numerous places in South Maine to enjoy the brilliant colors of fall foliage. Driving along coastal Route 1 is one of the best choices, or along Interstate 95 or 295. County roads like Routes 112, 113, 114 and 25 are also great choices for seeing and photographing fall foliage colors.

These are a few abstracts of fall foliage, photographed in South Maine very close to South Portland. These images are photographed with Nikon D800 & Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. The VR makes it easy to shoot handheld, although I have used a tripod in a few.

The clarity was reduced intentionally in Adobe Lightroom with about 0.20 points increase in exposure. While creating images like these, it is very important you keep an eye on the color temperature. I wanted a coolness to appear in these images and hence set the color temperature manually to 3800K in the camera. You can always make some minor adjustments in Adobe Lightroom during post processing to make it more suitable to your style.

Our ebook Photo Locations of Southern Maine lists 70+ photogenic locations in and around Portland where you can photograph the brilliant colors of fall foliage too.

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