New Photo eBook – Creative Techniques for Photographing Coasts & Lighthouses

This ebook – Creative Photography Techniques for Coasts and Lighthouses, describes numerous creative ways to photograph rocky coasts and lighthouses.

Written from years of experience in photographing the rocky coastal regions and the lighthouses of New England, this ebook will help you create stunning lighthouse and coastal photos right off your camera.

Creative Photography Techniques for Coastal & Lighthouse Photography

This Photography eBook describes 25 photography techniques including how to position the camera, what filters to use, framing, composition and lighting to help you master the art of nature and coastal photography.

As a photographer I love to spend time shooting and less time on my computer. The creative techniques described in this Creative Photography Techniques eBook is written to explain how you could just do that! You would be surprised how some stunning images could be created with just a neutral density filter and a proper position of your camera!

Read more and download the new Creative Photography Techniques for Coasts and Lighthouses eBook here.

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