Rocky Maine Coast Photography

I’ve been fortunate to be able to photograph the rocky Maine coast for years. Coastal Maine is not only beautiful for its lighthouses but also immensely varied in terms of the subjects, compositions, textures and lighting. While it creates beautiful photographs, it also poses several unique challenges for the photographer.

Maine Rocky Coast PhotographyThe coast of Maine has a wide variety of rocks, from round gravels to large boulders, each bearing their own mark of time and wear.

In the image of the Portland lighthouse, the round gravels make an interesting leading “line” into the main subject – the lighthouse.

There are some beautiful rock formations with patterns and textures in South Maine. The coast along Wells and York are great locations to photograph rocky beaches in South Maine.

The combination of round gravels with jagged, textured rocks is a photographers’ delight. I usually shoot during sunset hours, often extending that into blue hour, where the light is not strong enough to handhold the camera.

Rocky Maine Coast PhotographyMany of my images can also be termed as long-exposure though rarely I go into anything over a minute.

While the rocks by themselves could be the whole subject of the image, I find it more interesting to use them as building blocks in my composition.

I love photographing clouds and using a wide or an ultra wide lens, I can go for creative compositions with the rocks and the clouds.

Rocky Maine Coast PhotographyThe image here is photographed in Camden in Central Maine. The rocks were exposed at low tide and the clouds were a riot of colors just after rain, helping me to create this image.

Rocks that are not always exposed to the tidal water does not gather sea weeds or shells and hence you can photograph them in their original textures and color.

Down East and Acadia also provides some great rocky beaches, especially around the Loop road, from the Monument Cove down to the Otter Cove. The place becomes a photographers’ paradise during sunrise when the light skims over the ocean and the rocks to create magnificent compositions.

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