South Maine Photo Locations eBook for Fall Foliage Photography

Its been 2 years since we published our South Maine Photo Locations ebook & guide to over 70 locations in and around Portland that are great places to photograph. I have been revisiting many of them again in fall and I must say, these locations are absolutely great for fall photography as well.

The great thing about our Photo Locations in Southern Maine ebook is that each location has a professionally done image so you can evaluate for yourself if you want to photograph around that place. I revisit these places from time to time and decided to post some of the fall foliage images from a few.

You can photograph fall foliage throughout the state of Maine. Most people would have something interesting to photograph in fall in their backyards. But in case you have already purchased our Photo Locations of South Maine eBook you can use the same destinations for your fall photography too and we are certain you wont be disappointed!

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