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Maine Blue Mountain Farm & Horses

Blue Mountain Farm Horses

Image ID: 20130609_DSC4612 Description: The drive across blue mountain range gives a wonderful sense of both solitude and grace. This is the …

Maine Fall Photography

Maine Photography Guide Books

We have several ebooks and guides for Maine photo locations as well as Photography Guide eBooks on creative ways to photography the …

fall foliage in Maine New England

Fall Foliage in South Maine

The beauty of Maine is, no matter where you live, fall foliage is always in your backyard. For me, it is right …

Fall Foliage Photography in Maine

Fall Foliage in New England

Click here to buy this image – Print, Canvas, Metal, Card This is the time of the year when New England brightens …

Second Light of Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth Maine

Two Lights Lighthouse Second Light

Image ID: 20140627-DSC_2819 Description: The Second of the Two Lights Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth Maine is privately owned and is non-functional. The …

Two Lights Lighthouse

Two Lights Lighthouse

Image ID: 20140627-DSC_2819 Description: The Two Lights Lighthouse is now more popular because of its Rocky Coastal fronts and the best fresh …