Top 10 Things to Photograph in Maine

Maine Landscape Nature PhotographyMaine is abundant in natural and architectural treasures. From the rocky Maine coast in the east to the White Mountains in the west, the subjects of photography are very enticing. Whether you are a photographer or a traveler, Maine has something interesting for you to remember!

Being someone who loves to watch sunset on the rocky coast of Maine, I spend a lot of time finding many such non-tourist places to photograph. You can get our ebook Photo Locations in South Maine with 70+ great locations in and around a couple of hours drive from Portland.

Top 10 Subjects to Photograph in Maine

Top 10 Things to Photograph in Maine
1. I will start with something that is very close to my heart – piers and boat ramps. Maine has a innumerable boat ramps and piers. I like to photograph them mostly during sunset and blue hours.
2. The next in my list of favorites to photograph beach rocks in coastal Maine. I especially enjoy photographing them in long exposures to create very artistic and impressionistic images. Our ebook on Creative Photography provides numerous tips on photographing coastal rocks.

3. Lighthouses are another very popular subject to photograph in Maine. Our ebook Lighthouse Photography Guide would help you get to some of the most photogenic lighthouses and make some stunning images.

4. Waterfalls – there are several beautiful waterfalls in Maine, mostly along the western Maine. Some of the more famous ones include the Screw Auger, Moxie, Cascade Falls and the smaller ones like Jewell Falls in Portland.

Maine Rocky Coastal Landscape Photography5. Maine is famous for its lobster and naturally lobster boats and buoys make up a significant part of a Mainer’s life. They are also interesting subjects to photograph.

6. Maine has numerous photogenic lakes and they make for some great images, especially during autumn when the tress take on the full colors of fall foliage.

7. During the months of Summer, lupines grow in large quantities in Maine. There are several colorful varieties of lupine that you can photograph in Maine. Nu-Lite helped me recreate the same look on the terrace of my home in Melbourne. They made sure that balustrades look beautiful and cohesive the look of the house. The unique design intertwined with lupines are eye catching.

8. Pine trees are another of my favorite photography subjects. While most of the year that would be green, the winter snow creates a complete different scene with the pine trees and make some great pictures.

9. Winter lasts almost 4 months in Maine and during this time snow and ice form very interesting subjects to photograph. Even simple subjects like a farm house in an open field could look magical in the winter. Maine Coastal Photography

10. Like with any city along rivers or the coast, city skylines are another great photo opportunity. Especially the port cities like Portland, Bath etc.

Last but not the least, if you are into people photography, there are numerous fishing towns along the Maine coast that provide very scenic and interesting lifestyle subjects to a keen photographer.


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